About Us

Built on over one hundred years of history

Indwe Risk Services first came into existence in 2006, the product of a merger between Thebe Risk Services and Prestasi Brokers, both of which had a formidable history in insurance.

Our excellent service, innovative products and timeless values are borne from decades of experience garnered by South Africa's insurance leaders and trailblazers.

Indwe is an independent broker and deals with all registered and approved insurers in South Africa.

Indwe is the isiXhosa and isiZulu name for South Africa's national bird, the Blue Crane.

Indwe Risk Services is 100% owned by Indwe Broker Holdings Ltd, making it possible for our partners to regulate and advance transformation within Indwe. One of our primary corporate objectives is to ensure that, over time, our company achieves equal representation of men and women across all management levels. Empowered procurement is also a priority within Indwe, but our primary focus remains on the quality of the service delivery.

In our bid to create a more empowered society, we are committed to assisting the upliftment of the communities in which we operate through focused corporate social investment programmes. Each of our branches have adopted a cause of their own, taking charities and important causes under their wings.

As an accredited learning provider, Indwe invests millions of rands in FAIS accreditation training for all employees and makes loans available for those wishing to study further. Indwe also offers a 12-month internship programme in which a specially selected group of graduates receive on-the-job training including technical product training, sales, finance and life skills as well as practical work experience.


Our empowerment philosophy is to create a society in which each individual has the skills, resources and opportunities to give his best in building a prosperous South Africa.

We strive to ensure an equitable working environment that supports the growth and advancement of everyone regardless of race, sex, religion, disability or political opinion.


Our personal commitment means that you can expect us to tailor affordable cover to suit your individual, corporate, commercial and industrial insurance requirements. With Indwe you will always have someone to give you advice and to act on your behalf.

Backed by international expertise and linkages, and with years of experience in handling both multi-million rand claims and high volumes of smaller claims, you can depend on seamless service when you need it most.


Indwe is committed to providing exceptional insurance backed by internal expertise, placing us in a unique position to cater for your distinctive needs.

We have some of the most experienced and respected brokers in the market. Our expertise ranges from pioneering solutions in personal lines insurance and innovation in commercial insurance solutions through to creative and effective problem solving for the larger and more complex businesses.

All of our personnel are required to become FAIS compliant as a minimum and are actively encouraged to pursue world-leading insurance and business skills by way of formal and informal education and training programmes.

Our intention is to have the most proficient insurance personnel in the industry, based on the understanding that in order to remain relevant and to be in a position to add value to our clients, we need to have an in-depth knowledge of our business together with a sound appreciation of the world around us.


We do not sell off-the-shelf insurance solutions. We find cost-effective solutions tailored to your risk-related needs and procure the most competitive terms to meet these needs.

Indwe takes pride in being proactive and innovative in keeping clients ahead of the curve. We keep up-to-date with new legislation and technology as well as social and political changes, so that we can help our clients adapt to a constantly shifting business environment.

Along with our 100 years experience as an insurance expert, Indwe is the perfect partner to advise you on the best products and services available through South Africa's leading insurance companies and how these can be tailor-made according to your specific needs. In addition, if you have problems with the payout of any claims, we will liaise with the insurance company on your behalf.

Indwe not only delivers the expertise required when choosing insurance solutions, but also pays attention to your individual needs.


Indwe's insurance packages are underwritten by South Africa's major insurers, covering the entire spectrum of your short-term insurance needs.

When it comes to ensuring that your personal assets or your business is fully protected against life's unexpected twists and turns, you want good service and more. You need the kind of professional advice that allows you to sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that a team of experts is constantly keeping watch over your personal and business assets, proactively identifying and assessing any risks and providing appropriate cover


At Indwe we understand that insurance is all about managing the risks that face your business and optimising your resources while insuring your business against risk.

In addition to personal and business insurance products, we also offer specialist risk solutions and risk consulting services. Our group affinity scheme is tailored to the needs of employer groups, golf clubs and associations, staff associations and unions, technikons and universities.

We are proud of the fact that more than ten billion rand in assets is entrusted to our care and are protected in insurance packages customised according to our clients' requirements.

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